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KX vs the Competition

New Contributor

Hello - Am looking into using KX. Was curious the communities view on why KX is better than competitive offerings especially given the price (speed obviously a factor). Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

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Community Manager


I'd love to know more about your use case so I can better answer your question. When you say KX, do you mean a kdb+ database and the q language, or one of our newer products such as kdb Insights, PyKX or (coming soon)? 

Happy to give you more information on any or all of the above just let me know which you are most curious about. In the meantime, you can also have a look at our customer success stories:

Look forward to hearing from you, 


Curious on Seems like a quick pivot by the company.

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Hi @stiahnybik

KDB.AI is a powerful knowledge-based vector database and search engine that allows developers to build scalable, reliable and real-time applications by providing advanced search, recommendation and personalization for AI applications.

You can sign up for early access here: KDB.AI: The World's #1 Vector Database
Let me know what else I can help you with, or I can pass your details along to our sales team if you're interested. 



New Contributor

Hey stiahnybik

Great you are looking into KX - you've come to the right place! 

Would love to jump on a call with you to discuss KX versus competitors. 

Please shoot me an email at