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Missing attribute 'p#' in meta of partition column in partition table

New Contributor III

.Q.PV results confirm that the partitions are sequential.

The partition table is properly verified as a result of

However, if you check the meta information in the partition table, the Parted attr in the partition column is not displayed.

I wonder if there are any performance issues even if the attributes are not displayed.

If so, what action should I do?




New Contributor II

Be aware that the p attribute is not directly correlated with whether a table is partitioned or not. A table being partitioned refers to the fact that it stored inside multiple partition directories within the database. A column having the p attribute means that the data in the column is ordered in contiguous, unique blocks.


You will at least have to update the columns with the p attribute manually and you may have to re-sort the data in each of the partitions for the table.

New Contributor III

For query performance, is it right that there should be additional attributes for time and symbol columns in addition to the partition column?