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ODBC-native-escape clause

New Contributor II

In Simba ODBC driver documention says:
"In the Edit Custom SQL dialog box, write a SQL statement that includes an
ODBC-native-escape clause containing your q query. For more information, see
"Native Syntax" in the ODBC 4.0 Specification"

Could some kindly tell me what is ODBC-native-escape clause with the Simba driver. I have googled a bit and I haven't find out the solution?

Best regards,


New Contributor

I also have this same question trying to use Simba to connect to Tableau. Everything I've read about escape clauses is about funny data types like dates or times and mentions wrapping them in {} but that didn't seem to work for me.

So like {select from mytable} doesn't work and nor does SELECT * FROM {select from mytable}

When I select an entire table and "convert" it to custom SQL it gives me syntax like the below, although I'd also like to add a where clause and ideally a bunch of other stuff and just write a normal query in Q: 

SELECT "tablename"."field1" as "field1",

"tablename"."field2" as "field2


FROM "ROOT"."tablename" "tablename"