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Official Q Language Reference Manual?

New Contributor
I have the Q For Mortals book and Q-Tips, but was wondering if there is any official Q Language Reference Manual that covers the behavior of the language in a more complete fashion.  To me these two books are relatively good tutorials, but are not definitive.  I have seen the Abridged Reference by Arthur Whitney and Don Orth's documentation but these are more like quick references if you already know the language.  Thanks for any info.

New Contributor II
New Contributor II is the official documentation from kx.
Although the first release of kdb+ was in 2003, code.kx was not born until ~2006. It is a wiki, maintained by Kx and experienced kdb+ users/experts from the community; when we notice people asking for the same relevant information, we try to document it on code.kx.

New Contributor II
Q for Mortals is the best resource out there to start learning q. It's thorough and covers all the basics in detail. Once you have read that, you can start looking into other resources on the web. 

I use Kx Reference page for quick lookup on syntax. It's a very good and quick resource but sometimes it can lack some details.

There are other blogs/sites that are helpful too...some of them are still being updated whereas others (blogs) are not being updated anymore for some reason.

Once you get comfortable with q/kdb, start reading First Derivative's White Papers. They are good for understanding kdb architecture and all the magic that happens under the hood. 

Here is a list():

  1. kdbfaq – great blog covering diverse topics
  2. timestored – nice tutorials covering basic concepts
  3. Life is a list – Great blog on q with several hidden q features
  4. qKdb - This one is more analytical and only has few posts. 
  5. Enlist q - I manage this blog and try to update it on a regular basis.
Hope this helps!

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Also check out which is a blog of kdb+ blogs for more blogs and other helpful info.

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