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PyQ 4.1.2 (Python for kdb+) release announcement

New Contributor
Dear Kdb+ Developers,

Enlightenment Research, LLC is happy to announce the availability of PyQ 4.1.2.

Although classified as a bug-fix release,  PyQ 4.1.2 includes significant improvements for the installation process.

With this release, we have published binary "wheels" on so users of macOS and Windows can install PyQ on systems without a C compiler.

The new installation instructions consist of four easy steps:
  1. Download kdb+ personal edition from <>.
  2. Create and activate a python virtual environment.
  3. Unpack kdb+ into the virtual environment: unzip ${HOME}/Downloads/ -d ${VIRTUAL_ENV}
  4. Install pyq: pip install pyq.
Linux or Windows users should change to and respectively.  Note that due to the large number of different Linux flavors, we do not publish binary wheels for the Linux platform, but you can create them by running pip wheel pyq yourself.  For more information, please read the Installation Instructions.

We have also improved compatibility with the older kdb+ releases. For a complete list of changes, please visit our Version History page.


The PyQ Team.