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Q service with multithreaded queue mode

New Contributor

Hi Team, I am trying to setup a q service with multithreaded input queue mode to serve data from disk. Disk has partitioned data by a unit, and each query will only access the data from that unit. A unit of data can be added /deleted during runtime informing service about the availability or unavailability of the unit and this will be done by main thread. 

I wanted to understand is there any issue in doing this as on site it is mentioned to not to use this mode for serving data from disk : 



Moderator Moderator

Hello @devarsh206

Great content for our community! Thanks for sharing. 

From reading the documentation, the key take home is that it is inefficient and therefore, not advised. 

We welcome further feedback from our fellow community contributors. 

Kind regards, 


New Contributor II
New Contributor II

To avoid user queries blocking each other, you can set up a pool of q processes (HDBs) and use socket sharding as per or a TCP load balancer.

Yes, that can be done. But wanted to understand what is the issue in using already available mtim mode. 
As by this it will reduce the work and maintenance of load-balancers and gateways.