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RE: [personal kdb+] peach type error

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X-Originating-IP: Workspace Webmail 5.15.9Message-Id: <>From: "David Demner \(AquaQ\)" To: personal-kdbplus@googlegroups.comSubject: RE: [personal kdb+] peach type errorDate: Mon, 31 Aug 2015 11:06:50 -0700Mime-Version: 1.0

Sockets/handles with peach

A handle must not be used concurrently between threads as there is no locking around a socket descriptor, and the bytes being read/written from/to the socket will be garbage (due to message interleaving) and most likely result in a crash. Since v3.0, a socket can be used from the main thread only, or if you use the single shot sync request syntax as
q)`:localhost:5000 "2+2"

peach forms the basis for a multithreaded hdb, for illustration purposes considering the following query

{select max price by date,sym from trade where date=d} peach date
this would execute a query for each date in parallel. The multithreaded hdb with par.txt hides the complexity of splitting the query up between threads and aggregating the results.

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Subject: [personal kdb+] peach type error
From: Roni Hoffman <>
Date: Mon, August 31, 2015 11:03 am
To: Kdb+ Personal Developers <>


Wondering if someone can tell me whats wrong with this.  I have 2 slaves

this works

{ (neg .z.w)  [((count x) ; x)] } each (100000 cut (select from trade where date=2015.07.23, sym in `AAPL`GOOG))

but this gives a type error

{ (neg .z.w)  [((count x) ; x)] } peach (100000 cut (select from trade where date=2015.07.23, sym in `AAPL`GOOG))

other peach queries work

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Right, ok I see, thanks.