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Return to the Vector Dojo

Valued Contributor

Last few puzzles still to write up for AOC 2022, but it’s time to Return to the Vector Dojo.

The Vector Dojo is a free, informal 90-minute video call to practice vector-programming techniques together. It’s easy to get started in q using expressions adapted from SQL or other languages you may know, but getting the juice out of q means using vector approaches quite unlike ‘mainstream’ languages. There’s no better way to get the hang of this than to explore play problems with other qbies and qbists. It’s fun, often funny, and there are no wrong questions; I always learn something. (And apparently ‘dumb’ questions have sometimes led us to profound insights.) 

Help me schedule the next session! Not all of you can all use your work time to learn in the dojo. Reply here or DM me with

  1. your location or timezone
  2. available days, e.g. w/e, weekday/s
  3. available time of day



Moderator Moderator

Great news! Here's to the return of Vector Dojo.

Thanks very much, @SJT 👏

Valued Contributor

In the next episode of the Array Cast podcast (at about 01:14) you can hear Conor and guest Michael Higginson talking about pair programming, the heart of the Vector Dojo. 


There is one more thing I want to say about pair programming, that’s really important, and that… it’s fun. The laughs!

Pair programming is awesome… and fun… and super useful!

In jazz musician circles there’s a theory that you always want to be the worst player in your band.

 And we do love to play.