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Snappy.dll on windows?

New Contributor
Dear all kdb masters, I tried to load a data base, which save the table as seperate columns and h= ave a .d file within the folder. I guess the .d fill is compression infor f= ile of kdb, because when I tried to load the database by using "\l c:/q/DB"= , the kdb console complaints like this : kdb+ 3.5,=E2=80=9C=E2=80=9D=E2=80= =9C=E2=80=9Dsnappy required to decompress ./ 2001.01.01/FinancialData/.d O= S reports: not support this request=E2=80=9C=E2=80=9D=E2=80=9C=E2=80=9D. I went through the google kdb group and and found out that i sh= ould let kdb+ find the windows: snappy.dll, but the instruction only shows = how to configure the installation of snappy on osx by using macports. Anyone could help me on this? I downloaded the snappy zip form google.githu= but found no dll within the zip file. Anyone could tell me how = to configure the snappy.dll on Windows for kdb+ 32bit 3.5version? Thank u guys in advance

New Contributor III
Have you checked out the binary builds available at ?

Thank you so much. If I downloaded this dll file where I should put it and configure the environment to let kdb+ to use it? Thank u in advance

New Contributor III
Just put the right DLL under $QHOME\ddd, where ddd is the value of .z.o in your q environment.

Thank u so much.i putted the dll under the w32 folder and it works. U are so great!