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Ashok Reddy on the Array Cast

In the latest episode of the Array Cast podcast we interview KX’s CEO, Ashok Reddy. On this episode we speak to Ashok about his experience in software development and the roles that KX, q and time-series computing will play in the future.

SJT by Valued Contributor
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Installation for ARM64

Hi all , I have been trying to install kdb+ using the steps on the website https://code.kx.com/q/learn/install/ but I have been unsuccessful. To start off, the spctl and xattr commands don't work. Secondly I realized I may have the wrong q build sinc...

Information about remote end from handle passed into .z.po

Is there a way to retrieve more information about the remote end that initiated the connection using the handle passed into .z.po? I have the .z.a (ip address) and .z.u (user id). I was hoping to find out more about the other end of the connection. I...

trosales by New Contributor
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AOC 2022; the new ArrayCast episode – and Ashok on next!

The qbists review of Advent of Code 2022 solutions has reached Day 17, which includes a simple console animation. (Below.) In the latest episode of the Array Cast podcast we discuss the relevance of recreational programming. It has a special importan...

SJT by Valued Contributor
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