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AquaQuarantine kdb+ Tech Talks

All,I hope that everyone and your families are staying safe and well in these unusual times.Our friends over at AquaQ have been busy developing some internal technical presentations over the last few weeks, and have kindly decided to open these up pu...

type by New Contributor
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Not understanding "sym" in "Q for Mortals" example

Hi - I'm working through the examples in chapter 14 (Introduction to Kdb+) in Borror's "Q for Mortals" but am not able to replicate the example where we save, then load, a splayed table with an enumerated symbol column.First we create and save the ta...

DevonMcC by New Contributor
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Exporting Correlation Matrix

Hi,Can anyone please help me export the following correlation matrix as a csv. Using save returns a type error, I assume because it is not a table, nor dictionary. Thanks in advance!!

Exporting correlation matrix as csv

Hi,I am somewhat new to Q/kdb+, I write small scripts mainly using the built in q-sql language. Currently I am facing a problem with exporting the following correlation matrix into a csv file. Could anyone please help me with this problem. Thanks in ...

Novice Question About u.q

I was examining the u.q library and see this line:[t;x]each w tWhat does this mean exactly? For each w t pairs?What is w here as I see it is not an argument of the function? Regarding the (neg first w) I assume that this is supposed to be a handle? I...