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does Kdb+ supports horizontal scalability?

Hello, I am doing research on different Time Series Data Bases alternatives for a project in my university.One of the technical requirements is that the database must be able to scale horizontally (clustering), that is, store the data on several serv...

Undocumented ways to load/map files and folders stuctures?

Hi Kx,I might be wrong about this but I can't recall any documentation mentioning these features://(1)//a file handle sym of a folder can be used as a map of the q data files (without file ext)q) `:d/a set 1 2 3`:d/aq) D:`:dq) D`a //same as get .Q.dd...

dotsch by New Contributor
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Help: kdb-tick mysteries

Hi,I would like to ask you how one of the following lines works:endofday:{ end d; d+:1; if[l;hclose l;l::0(`.u.ld;d)]};My probleme is: 0(`.u.ld;d)I played a bit around to understand but... I guess what it does in this case, but I want to truly unders...

Re: [personal kdb+] Help: explanation kdb-tick

That's a pretty recent change, the commit is detailed here by Charlie: https://github.com/KxSystems/kdb-tick/commit/afc67eda6dfbb2ca89322f702db23ee68c2c7be3#diff-2a42c560e1e74296b9aaaeb35c1cafe2Originally .u.add would return the empty schema (0#v) bu...

TerryLynch by New Contributor II
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