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Help Extracting Variable From Table

I'm trying to extract the value of a table search to a variable. var: select sum quantity from table;select statement returns a table.I've tried exec:var: exec sum quantity from table;but it seems this gives me the type instead of value.how would I g...

pj with uj-like semantics?

Hi,I wonder if there is a simpler way to write a pj with uj-like semantics?The behaviour of pj is more like an lj, keys on the L.H.S. are preserved and matching values from R.H.S. are added. More often than not, though, I need a pj with the semantics...

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Using \l Within Tickerplant Process

Hey Qbies, I have a file, engineFunctions.q, containing functions and a table that I want to load within a Tickerplant subprocess (in my cx.q file).I'm attempting to load the file as such:if[x~"ProcessName"; \l path/engineFunctions.q ] ^^ gives me `\...