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How to embedR

Hello, wondering if someone can help,I am trying to embedR so I can call the changepoint package from q, but can't seem to get R embedded properly. I am looking through the github pagehttps://github.com/KxSystems/embedRI'm just trying to test quickly...

Fby Usage

Hi, I am trying to use fby to aggregate based on bunch of columns(Trigger date,level date,ccypair).How can we use fby when I want one column(leveldate) to mandatorily unequal during group formation and rest trigger date and ccypair matching? Essentia...

Column Name same as Variable

Hi,I stumbled upon a strange problem where I will need help.If I have a table with column name same as name of a variable which I am using as a matching condition in my query,I dont get the matching row.Rather I get all rows available in tabled1 : `n...

Trick Question

Hello,I stumbled upon a problem where I have a value stored in a variable and then I am trying to run a query to fetch row based on matching value however I dont get intended results.Wondering if you can help? d1 : `name`age!(`Methuselah`Jared`Noah; ...

passing dynamic function

HI allI have 2 functions, say below:func1[param1;param2]func2[param3;param4]And now both need some kind of caching to speed it up. thus I having updating the naming of above to func1Impl[param1;param2]func2Impl[param3;param4]And for func1, it change ...

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