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autodoc generator for user-defined function, db schema.

Hi All,We are looking for some some auto doc generator which can generate doc from q function (user defined), q db schema files in html static page. As this we need in some automated manner so prefer non gui solution. Kindly let us know if someone kn...

base64 encoding signature issues

I am trying to base64 encode the signature as descried in these docs here: https://docs.gdax.com/#signing-a-message In python3 i am able to generate the simple base64 encoded signature here:timestamp = '1525790592'message = timestamp + 'GET' + '/fill...

Jake1 by New Contributor
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Parallel Timers

If you have a .q script, two functions being functiona{} and functionb{}, and two timers as below..timer.repeat[.proc.cp[];0Wp;0D00:00:01.000;(`functiona;`);"Publish"];.timer.repeat[.proc.cp[];0Wp;0D00:00:01.000;(`functionb;`);"Publish"];And each fun...

TMA by New Contributor
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Windows 10 SSL Verify issues

on windows 10 i cant seem to figure out how to turn of SSL authentication. On unix based systems i usually just set the environment variable SSL_VERIFY_SERVER=NO but on windows im not sure what is going on this is the error i receive.:8003>.Q.hg`$":h...

rtrader by New Contributor
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graph representation, paths, path length

1. Is there a better way to represent the graph as a Q object? (see picture below)q)bgn:`1`2`3`3`4`5q)end:`3`4`4`5`6`6q)distance:1 1 1 1 1 1q)flip `src`dst`dist!(bgn;end;distance)src dst dist------------1 3 1 2 4 1 3 4 1 3 5 1 4 6 1 5 6 1 2. what is ...

ag1 by New Contributor
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