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roll date types

interesting treatment of n?0 for different zeroes. show the range of many rolls:q)flip (min;max)@'\:10000?/:"idmpz"$\:0-2147220343 2147473647 2000.01.01 2003.12.31 2000.01 2003.12 2000.01.01D15:44:08.050010204 2003.12.31D18:08:55.7036925922000.01.01T...

effbiae by New Contributor
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stream from multiple compressed KDB files on disk

I have multiple compressed (zipped) kdb files on disk, sorted by timestamp. Is there a way to open all of these files and stream all rows to some processing function in time sorted order across all files? in other words, i would need to block the rea...

Pattern match syntax

Hi,Say I am a process who is capable of receiving various types of dictionary messages. The contents of the messages are marked by appending a tag key to the dictionary, whose value is the marker on the message. For example, a process might accept an...

Sort a column for all dates for a partitoned table

Hi all, I have a partitoned table with data worth more than a year and it has a time column. I notice that the time range query like below are very slow or times out > 5 sec. select from trade where date = 2017.08.03, time within (08:00:00;08:01:00) ...

bajajank by New Contributor
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variadic k()

this is the correct way of calling k() with variable number of parms:k(0,"1",(S)0)after doing some fossicking around, i believe the (S) is not required.ie. k(0,"1",0)on linux 64, the terminating 0 is promoted to 64bit (SYSV ABI)on linux 32, to 32bit ...

effbiae by New Contributor
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