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Hello,I want to create a list with 6 random values between 5 and 15. I cannot think of how I should go about this aside from doing it manually as this is not efficient. My issue is the fact that I am unsure if i can use the "?" roll funct to start fr...

ll12877 by New Contributor
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Hash files

Hi again Q Experts, Hopefully a quick one this time!When I am saving down some of my tables, I am seeing # or a hash file - why is this/what are these used for?ThanksRegardsAndie C

Connecting to websocket issue

I have been able to connect to many similar websockets using this same set up.here is the domain wss://api.hitbtc.com/api/2/wsFor some reason this one will not connect. I have gotten the domain to respond in wscat, so I'm sure it's a valid request. p...

Jake1 by New Contributor
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base64 encode/decode (GDAX authentication)

https://docs.gdax.com/#signing-a-messageThis is the process necessary to fulfill the encoding for authentication with the exchange through the REST API. Here is the authentication process I have been trying to accomplish using Here are the things I h...

Jake1 by New Contributor
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New feature - Anymap since v. 3.6

https://kx.com/news/kx-provides-rapid-access-to-unstructured-data/ Anyone can share more information and references about this new feature to query unstructured data in KDB? Thanks, Enoch

Enoch_Lam by New Contributor
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