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CME Book Building

Hi Q Experts,I'm hoping for some advice on the using some data provided by CME.From my limited understanding (where you all come in), CME makes data available in FIX/FAST format messages which I would be able to use in buildiing a book - but I'm not ...

Starting up q

I get this message when I try to start up a q console session (downloaded the 64 bit version, and clicked on the q terminal icon in the folder):'k4.liclogoutSaving session......copying shared history......saving history...truncating history files.......

Profit Loss Calculation

Hi Q Experts,Please help!I would like to calculate a running profit and loss across a range of assets. (I can work out a single asset using a by clause and update using sums). But working out the profit and loss across all the assets is giving me tro...

Iterate/Converge syntax Question

f:{x,+/-2#x}/[31;1 1]Can someone explain to me the syntax rules governing the iterate expression? I understand that the function takes 1 argument, since x is the only arg being utilized, but how does the language, and the reader, know that the first ...

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HTTP Keep-Alive for POST/GET Requests

Is there anyway to reuse http connections using keep alive? I tried sending the header Connection:keep-alive but that doest seem to work eg. .bx.query["DELETE";"/order/all";`symbol`text`Connection!(`XBTUSD;`CANCEL;"keep-alive");1b];bx.query just send...