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Accessing Historical Data Via Tickerplant

Currently using a basic tickerplant. It's logging data at end of day -- how do I access that data such that I can perform a lookback? I'm hoping to load all the data upon starting a process so that when data pumps in I'm able to reference live data a...

planefan by Contributor
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Problem on install kdb+ 32 bits on Fedora 28.

Hi everyone,I'm trying install the kdb+ 32 bits on fedora 28, but I get an error: "error while loading shared libraries: libnsl.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory". I install the libnsl library with "dnf install libnsl", ...

Problem related to local variables

Hi everyone,I'm working on function calling and encountered some problem. To put it in a simple way, say I have a function f looks likef:{[a;b] ...}and inside f another function g is called to get the name of a third function h, let's call it handle....

Re: Confusion between .u.upd and insert for Tickerplant

Hi 57rp,To me it sounds like your system is set up and behaving correctly. .u.upd is used to publish data to the tickerplant. When this function is called the tickerplant will write the records to the log file, publish the data to the rdb, and publis...

overwriting a compressed file

Hi Group,I am encountering an access error when I try to overwrite a compressed file which I can find no work around.For instance when trying to change an entry on a compressed file.z.zd17;2;6)`:tcompress set asc 10000000?100; `:tcompress set @[get `...