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hopen just hangs

I am connected to a q server session (v 3.4 on linux) and playing with .z.pg.All of a sudden, that session was not accepting new connections. ie hopen just hangs without any error.But I am still connected to that q session and communicating with it. ...

sudhakar by New Contributor
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timestamp of max and min value when using xbar for OHLC?

Hi, I’m looking for an efficient way to easily grab the exacttimestamps associated with the highs and the lows within a OHLC (open, high,low, close) aggregation via xbar For example:select open_timestamp: first time, open:first price,high:max price, ...

wmayott by New Contributor
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How to replay csv file one line by one line

Hi, Masters: I have some csv files, the format such as: timestamp, bid, ask, volumn 09:00:00,2,3,100 09:00:01,3,4,200 09:00:02,3,5,300 ...... How to replay the data one line by one line into kdb? Or do you have suggestions? Thanks so much!Zheng

hzadonis by New Contributor
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UNC filenames

on windows, we can load scripts with UNC filename:\l //wi/c/tmp.qwe can load csv:t: ... 0:`://wi/c/tmp.csvbut we can't save:save `://wi/c/t.csv'//wi/c/t.csv. OS reports: The specified path is invalid.`://wi/c/t.txt 0:enlist"text"'//wi/c/t. OS reports...

effbiae by New Contributor
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In a publish/subscribe model with an upd:{} performing a .u.pub, what would be the best practice to wrap a 20period ema on the published data as you will need the dataseries before the update and there can be multiple records with multiple symbols in...