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How to make a user defined function atomic?

If a define function f:{$[0=(x mod 2);1;0]}, I can only apply the function to atoms, e.g. f 3 will work but f til 9 will return `type. However, f each til 0 WILL work. In contrast, function neg WILL work on lists as well as atoms. I understand this t...

jkm by New Contributor
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How to validate username and password using .z.pw before a

Hi,I am using KDB+ 3.5 2017.11.30 32bit and I want to validate username and password using .z.pw before a WebSocket connection.When I try to open a WebSocket connection with ws://localhost:50150 as URL, and define .z.pw as .z.pw:{ show x; show y; 1b}...

DateTime Queries with qpython

Hello,I am trying to use qpython to call functions in q but can't seem to get the serialization working wondering if any has any idea. I am just trying to call a function with date and time params.I havetoday = numpy.datetime64(datetime.datetime.now(...

rank error in ej

I feel super silly asking this.t1:([] c1:1 3 2 )t2:([] c1:1 4 5 )ej[enlist `c1;t1;t2] / why the rank error ?ej[`c1;t1;t2] / why the rank error ?

= vs in vs except different behavior why?

So I'm running into a weird issue check out the following q statements and results :5003>new_asks[0]143.9375:5003>pask_levels[5]143.9375:5003>new_asks[0] in pask_levels[5]0b:5003>new_asks[0] = pask_levels[5]1b:5003>pask_levels except new_asks[0]143.7...

rtrader by New Contributor
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