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connecting from browser to kdb

newbie question:I want to connect from browser to kdb backend, I am using c.js (for serializing / de-serializing), I am trying to sub symbol quotes, I am sending command".u.sub[`kxtrades;`MSFT]", javascript code here:function subscribeData(){ console...

Hasan by New Contributor
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OS reports: Access Denied

Hello.I have scripts which sorting tables and make necessary preparations(checks/unzip/zip/copy to tmp folder) and it works fine.Unfortunately when script process the folder(eg specific day of table) with empty data I get error: "OS reports: Access D...

skuvvv by New Contributor
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q() Tableau Query escape character

I'm looking for a way to escape certain queries in Tableau's q() function. Issues with ? and "Any help appreciated! Thanks!

Jean by New Contributor
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KDB q sql in Tableau

Hi, I managed to get connected from Tableau to KDB. However, there are certain characters that Tableau's SQL is having issues escaping (ex. ?) I need to use vector conditionals but I can't seem to get the query to work within the q() function. Anyone...

Jean by New Contributor
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