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PyQ 4.0 (Python for kdb+) release announcement

Dear Kdb+ Developers,We are happy to announce the availability of PyQ 4.0, a major release and a culmination of over a year of development effort. In addition to several new features and performance improvements, this release includes the significant...

a branch(if;do;while;$[.;.;.]) more than 255 byte codes away

Hi, Dear Masters: Last week, I'm blocked by the "if-else if-else" structure with a limitation of 255 byte. My input is “According to several conditions(more than 6) and the position what I had”, output is the next step I should do. The structure like...

hzadonis by New Contributor
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How to find the stock_id that raises the BUY signal constantly

Hi, Dear all: I want to find out the stock that raises the BUY signal from this Mon to Fri. such as I have the data:Stockid B/S Date001 B 2017.02.20002 B 2017.02.20003 S 2017.02.21001 B 2017.02.21001 B 2017.02.22003 B 2017.02.22001 B 2017.02.23002 S ...

hzadonis by New Contributor
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Using namespace variable in q-sql

Hi,I noticed that namespace variables behaviour very differently when used within q-sql. For an illustration, please refer to the code below.\d .namespaceHELLO:`WorldDATA:([]S:`Hello`World;V:2?100f)fun1:{show HELLO;show DATA}fun2:{show select from DA...

Flying by New Contributor III
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Whats the Best way to download a large table to a client?

Hello,I have large table with lots of columns. I'm wondering whats the best way to download this in a front end gui?Right now I downloading batches asynchronously using somthing similar to this{(neg .z.w)[((count x) ; x)]} each(1000 cut table); (neg ...