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Hi Gurus, I have been trying to make this work for God knows how many days, and it simply won't. Most will probably find this code extremely ugly, but I am new to KDB+/Q so please don't be too harsh. The problem is with applying "uj" to a splayed tab...

VA by New Contributor
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Running K scripts in Q

Hi,I'm trying to run this script in q./ K script/ 04-k22014-VoteCount.kj22014:{[votes] s:(+/"A"='votes),+/"B"='votes; :("Tie";"A";"B")@(~=/s)*1+*>s}/ I get this error.q)\l 04-k22014-VoteCount.kk){0N!x y}'char@"k""\357\273\277j22014:{[votes]\n s:(+/\"...

Where can I download the "Webstudio for kdb+"?

Hi,I find this http://carlosbutler.com/Webstudio/ .But, http://code.kx.com/wsvn/code/contrib/cbutler/Webstudio/ the webpage is 404 now. Anyone know where can I download this Webstudio now?Thanks for your help.

tclh123 by New Contributor
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Dynamic table name

Hi Gurus, Quick question: if one needs to generate a random variable name for a table and then serialise it, how would you go about it? For example:tabName: 1?`8tabName set ... (here I generate the actual table and assign it to the variable tabName) ...

VA by New Contributor
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.Q.hp with https

Hello all, I'm a bit new to web dev. I am try to post using .Q.hpI'm able to post from my dev machine using Postman to a webhook service https://....But when I try and post from q using .Q.hp[`https://...;"application/json"] "payload" I get an os err...