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Functional select with fby, grouping on multiple columns

Hi KDB gurus,I've figured out that the functional form of this query: select from rows where 1=(count;i) fby ([]sym;market;id;price;size;eventType)is this:?[rows;enlist(=;1;(fby;(enlist;#:;`i);(+:;(!;enlist`sym`market`id`price`size`eventType;(enlist;...

Get table data form a website.

Hi Gurus, Is there any way I could come to a website like this: https://www.instituteforsupplymanagement.org/ismreport/mfgrob.cfm?SSO=1 and pull data the "MANUFACTURING AT A GLANCE" table or the whole table from that website? I guess I somehow need t...

VA by New Contributor
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Parsing with Fixed Length

Hello,I'm getting a `length error here for some reason and can't figure out why.I've got sample text file attached which looks something similar to 0000 test ANN 1212 -99999999999 20140310 13:41:57 20140214 18:41:00 USD 0 -99999 -999990000 test QTR 1...

pass a "select" statement to a user defined function

Hi,I'm new to q/kdb. I'm going to pass a "select" statement to a user defined function and would like it to run row-based.For example, I have a table:t:([]a:(1 2; 3 4);b:(5 6; 7 8))and a function:lm:{[w;y]x:(w; 1 1f);x:flip x;beta:inv[(flip x) mmu x]...

kc3031 by New Contributor
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