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fby for fills

I have a quote table.quote: ( [] TIMESTAMP: `time$(); SYMBOL: `$(); BID: `float$(); ASK: `float$(); BIDSIZE: `float$(); ASKSIZE: `float$() )TIMESTAMP SYMBOL BID ASK BIDSIZE ASKSIZE---------------------------------------------- 09:00:07.082 GOOG 2.51 ...

syntax directed parser (produces a syntax tree)

i wrapped up an earley parser, "yaep", into a k .so here: http://www.ivorykite.com/ear/ear.tgzearley parsers are known for their tolerance of ambiguity (firsts match - like PEG) and of both left and right recursion. here's the demo that ear.tgz inclu...

effbiae by New Contributor
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Http Source

Is there a way to pull the source text from a website directly into q? Havent seen it on the reference site.Thanks

Multi-agent market simulation

I'm planning to build a market simulator with heterogeneous agents for the purpose of experimenting with and tuning various execution strategies. Agents would be able to react to the order book, view shared private state, and execute scheduled algos....