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does kdb+ support aggregation on non-time fields?

Hi guys,Looking to find some info if KDB+ supports aggregation/roll-up/group-by on non-time fields? My use case: historic price data, which needs to be compared. Most queries should happen on the last known price-point of a particular 'product' and t...

gbrits by New Contributor
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howto: join list of strings with "+" and avoid dropping chars

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ag1 by New Contributor
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table with dynamic columns

Hi,How do you create an empty table with columns defined pragmatically: c1, c2, c3, This function does not work because I can't figure out how to add a column. It's not interpreting column name. tbl:{[x] c:("c" ,/: (string (1+til x))); t:([] c1:"f"$(...

ZeroColon is awesome! but could still use some pointers on

I unfortunately discovered ZeroColon late! it would have saved me a lot of timeurl:"http://download.finance.yahoo.com/d/quotes.csv?s=FTR+CTL+LVLT+T+VZ&f=sr"a:.Q.hg`$urla1:"s,pe\n",at:("SS";enlist",")0:a1q)ts pe ----------FTR N/A CTL 14.43LVLT 5.58 T ...

ag1 by New Contributor
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Difference between single and batch upsert

Assuming I have just started the kdb server and its a clean state.The following command works fine and creates a table [INTENTION:batch insert] `trade8 upsert flip `col1`col2`col3!(1 2; 4389 4397; 2015.12.01T07:56:50 2015.12.01T07:56:58) The followin...

soum_guli by New Contributor
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