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Resolved! Async broadcast to websocket handles using internal function -25!

Hi, I try to subscribe table in KDB server from a javascript client using websocket and receive message from KDB server. The websocket connection is good, and I can get the handle (assume the handle is 10). However, when I try to publish data to java...

lzl by New Contributor II
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Resolved! .q.en - does it read the sym file from disk every time?

The .Q namespace – tools | Reference | kdb+ and q documentation - Kdb+ and q documentation (kx.com) based on this, it seems .q.en[] reads the sym file from disk every time it is called, which would pick up any updates that are coming from other proce...

jattwick by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Facing error when installing JDBC client for kdb+.

Hi I'm trying to install JDBC client for kdb+. I followed the steps given in kx's jdbc repository. KxSystems/jdbc: JDBC client for kdb+ (github.com) When I give mvn clean compile command, it threw the error like "no dependency information available"....

Senthil by New Contributor
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Resolved! mmap increasing every time table is queried

Hi all, We have a table with a mix of atom and string columns. Every time we query certain date partitions with a simple select: select from table where date = x we see the process mmap usage increase. The only way we know to reduce this is by restar...

eohara_kdb by New Contributor III
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