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sub micro second

1. Why is \t not showing nano second level detail ? Anyway this can work ?2. I did the following :0N!.z.N; h:hopen `:localhost:5001; 0N!.z.NResult:0D00:01:25.5810710000D00:01:25.582701000Difference:001630000j nanosecondsQuestion:How can this be decre...

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applying attributes on partitioned tables

I have an partitioned table with 40 columns.q)meta mdc | t f a----------| -----date | d TIMESTAMP | t SYMBOL | s BID | f ASK | f BIDSIZE | f ASKSIZE | f ..Any query like "select TIMESTAMP, BID, ASK from md where date = 2015.11.20, sym = `XYZ" takes a...

Reconstructing and Viewing Order Book

Greetings all, I am currently working on an order book reconstruction. I have a few ideas how to do it, but I am struggling to come up with an idea for how to actually view/chart it. Because it is a multidimensional table. For example, right now I am...

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