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column name same as function

Hi,I have a bunch of splayed tables with a column named last. Unfortunately when I try to include this in a select statement kdb assumes I am trying to use the last function.Is there a way I can escape the column name so it doesn't use the last funct...

kefa by New Contributor
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FYI: kdb+ web components

Hi,I've recently added a javascript library to https://github.com/quintanar401/kdb-wc that you might find useful.It essentially implements some basic javascript objects that allow you to get data from a kdb+ db via http or ws into a browser, put it i...

Kdb SQL (ODBC connexion)

Hi Guys,I have an sql query on KDB as follows: sql: "SELECT CUSIP, EXEC_PRC, TICK_TMSTMP, TICK_EFF_DT FROM TABLE WHERE "; sql,:"TICK_EFF_DT = TO_DATE('", (string x),"','YYYY.MM.DD') AND CUSIP IN ('", (string z),"') ";The parameters z and x in the sql...

how to limit memory in script ?

Currently from command line ,I am setting memory like :q -w 500but when I require it within a script what would be the way..'system' command ? not sureIs there any other way /approach to limit the memory too ?

sweta by New Contributor
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Can .Q.dpft create segmented tables?

/ Can I use .Q.dpft instead of functional dot apply to write these 2 tables? Thx.quote:([]time:("p"$2016.06.01)+til 3; sym:`A`B`C; price:0.1*til 3);quoteEnum:.Q.en[`:/tmp/hdb/head][quote];.[`:/tmp/hdb/gamma/2016.06.01/gamma/; (); :; quoteEnum];.[`:/t...

LamHinYan by New Contributor
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