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Quick question about using variable names in tables construction

Greetings, I am very new to q (kdb+), I have got the book and started reading it yesterday. As I read I try to do some work on the way. I have faced a problem and cannot seem to find the solution in the book just yet. I have a table:ticket px vol----...

VA by New Contributor
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Couldn't do assignment on a tickerplant?

Hi,I opened a new q instance which worked as a client to a tickerplant process (the server).I entered : h: hopen `: server_name:port_number in the client side q console to open an IPC handle to the tickerplant.Then I entered in h "1+1" and got a resu...

xinyu_gai by New Contributor
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difference between exec&select ?

Hi, I am learning the basic syntax of q. Just now I learned about exec which really confused me a lot. =========my question =========What's the difference between "exec" and "select"? I noticed that the table returned by "exec" doesn't have a column ...

xinyu_gai by New Contributor
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how to load q script in q studio?

Hi, I had a problem when trying to load a q script in qStudio. The q script "sp.q" is under the q home folder, so I could load it successfully in a prompt window by simply typing in: \l sp.qHowever, the code didn't work in qStudio. An error message c...

xinyu_gai by New Contributor
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Manipulating the elements in the table

Hi everyone, I am really new to the KDB, and I stuck at this exercise for a while... can't figure it out how to solve it, all I know is that I might be need to use scan and $ to solve this issue ....The logic is below,1. a-m>0 , b=a-m , e=m2. a-m=0 ,...