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Question about running mavg in a table

HI, I would like to get the moving average across close price for number of dates , I try to doselect mavg[2;close] from eod where date>xxxx,sym=yyyyBut it doesn't work as expected, look like the passing single element to the moving average. In order...

carfield1 by New Contributor
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sublist on an array

Hi KDB Group,I am try to get a extract a subset of a list using sublist but it doesn't works for a list with size greater than 1 if I specifly sublist[start, length]For instance if I want to extract the first 2 number from the list it works2 sublist ...

should med work on a list of lists?

avg works fine with a list of lists, but med silently fails. Is itsupposed to handle that case? If not, it would be nice if it threw a'rank error like dev and var do.q)d:0N 2#10000?1fq)med d / 2nd value is wrong0.51032904 0.35386276q)med each flip d ...

Too many open files

Hi all, just found out that it is possible to get "Too many open files" error by running a select statement on a HDB across a lot splay tablesIt look like current KDB will close the file handler only after the select statement return, I guess it woul...

carfield1 by New Contributor
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kdb+ version 3.4 released

We’ve just released the latest version - 3.4 - of kdb+. The executables and full change list are available to licensed customers on downloads.kx.com as usual. A public summary of changes is available on code.kx.com at:http://code.kx.com/wiki/Releases...

simon1 by New Contributor
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