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Declare a dictionary as mixted list across multiple lines

Hello, at my previous job I remember I got a nice trick to declare a dictionary over several lines, this was nice as it was much more readable.Something liked: listToDict[ (`key1; value1) \(`key2; object2) \(`key3; value3) \(`key4; object4) ];So ther...

Q Language looping

up votedown votefavoriteI am new to Q language and trying to figure out its basics. I am trying a sample program in which let's say for a given number I can find the sum of all the multiples of 3 and 5?if input is 10 sum : 23I am trying to think in t...

left shift operator/function

Hello: I'm not able to find a left/right shift operator like in C: 8 >> 1 = 4.I can use div 2, 4 8 etc. But is there a shift function/operator?Thanks in advance.

combine two sorted tables

Hi all, i have two sorted tables, sorting based on same combination of columns. What is the most effective way of combining these two table to a sorted table? Thanks!