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Time Sequence

Probably an easy question, how can I make a time sequence of time intervals between two times?15:00:00 15:00:30 15:01:00 15:01:30 15:02:00something like 15:00:00 + 00:00:30 ? 10

Accessing a remote kdb+ server with R

Hi, I'm a relatively new kdb+ user but I've been using R for a couple of years now.I've successfully been able to compile the qserver solution to interface with a remote kdb+ server and I'm just trying to work through how to connect to it.The remote ...

h: hopen `::5000; connection to a port

Dear All,I stored some data in port 5000.When I try to read it from another command window i do:(1) h: hopen `::5000;(2) h" select from table where date= , time>="(3) close the connection using hclose hHowever, I have made a mistake at point 3) inste...

[personal kdb+] Enhanced Kdb Studio [Javascript support]

Guys, can anyone provide me the link to download Enhanced Kdb Studio which has support for Javascript?I remember Charles himself had enhanced the studio to add support for Javascript.All I found on the net was the link to download Studio from here, b...

SunDew by New Contributor
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