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segmented database with different date ranges

/ How can I fix this? Thx.quote:([]time:("p"$2016.06.01)+til 3; sym:`A`B`C; price:0.1*til 3);quoteEnum:.Q.en[`:/tmp/hdb/head][quote];.[`:/tmp/hdb/gamma/2016.06.01/gamma/; (); :; quoteEnum];.[`:/tmp/hdb/delta/2016.06.02/delta/; (); :; quoteEnum];`:/tm...

LamHinYan by New Contributor
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reverse aj aka find the next element after a time

I frequently face the need to find the next element (bid/ask/trade) after an event/signal. I was wondering if there is a reverse aj trick which i am missing.currently I use a hackish approach where I subtract time from a large/eod time and then do an...


Just wanted to check if anyone tried integrating Zookeeper with kdb+. One way I can see is to load Zookeeper's C libraries within kdb+ but would like to see if people have tried other approaches as well.ThanksAj-

C integration: Accessing lists (primitive types) via C API

Apologies in advance, I'm sure this was answered in http://code.kx.com/wiki/Cookbook/InterfacingWithC but I just didn't get it.I'm trying to figure out how to pass primitive arrays (most commonly, byte arrays) back and forth across c/q. Specifically,...

Noob by New Contributor
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