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I've been trying to grok mmin:q)3 mmin til 60 0 0 1 2 3q)mmink){(x-1)&':/y}q)k)2&':/!60 0 0 1 2 3which i translate to q:q)2&':/til 6so it's &': with initial value 2 over til 6...but i don't see how 2 is a window?what's the key to understanding this c...

effbiae by New Contributor
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kdb+ and Big Data in Pharma, NYC Dec 7th

Hello all,The Kx User Forum and Meetup in New York City is just a week a way, and we are hoping to see you there. Following the presentations you are invited to a cocktail party nearby at the Léa Wine Bar where two copies of Jeffry Borror's new book,...

Kdb and TA-Lib

Does anyone have experience loading TA-lib into kx?Wondering if someone can help me out with the steps involved in this?

kdb+ and R

Hi,I am accessing kdb+ from R and when I access data, the time is in integers. Can anyone help me convert it to standard sate time? I tired setting system time: http://code.kx.com/wiki/Cookbook/IntegratingWithR#Connecting_from_R_to_kdb.2B_.28a.k.a._Q...

flabby by New Contributor
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Filling zeros for missing combinations of keys

Hello,I often need to fill in zeros so that I have a value for every combinationof a set of keys.For example:q)t:([date:1 1 1 2 2; sym:`A`B`D`B`C] pl:5?1f)q)tdate sym| pl--------| ---------1 A | 0.30177231 B | 0.7850331 D | 0.53470962 B | 0.71117162 ...