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kdb vs sql

Hi,I would like to know the differences between sql and kdb, the underlying code, and why kdb is "better" than sql for querying significantly large databases of time series data, eg >1,000,000 rows.I work with kdb, but i know almost nothing about sql...

js610308 by New Contributor
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Semicolon in a string "0;0;0"

q){x where x <> "abc"} each ("abc";"def";"abc";"ghi")"""def""""ghi"q)Could you filter the following list in a similar way?q){x where x <> "0;0;0"} ("0;0;0";"0;0;1";"0;0;0"){x where x <> "0;0;0"}'lengthq))i.e. how to retain "0;0;1"? why the 'length ex...

log data duplication

I started a process using q/l32/q /home/user/logTest -lthen i ran a function fnAbc using 0 ("fnAbc"; (12; (4 2 1 3 5))The function does update and insert operations on multiple tables.when i shut down the server and restart i get a few rollbacks and ...

Kerberos in q

Has anyone over here had success of implementing Kerberos authentication in kdb+ ? Thanks,Zak