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Set string data type

Hi,I need to set the data type for columns c3,c4 as "C" without inserting single record in tablesuppose, tab is table having c3,c4 is list columntab:([] c1:`int$(); c2:`boolean$(); c3:(); c4:())q)meta tab c | t f a --| -----c1| i c2| b c3| c4| I want...

Deepak by New Contributor
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run q-sql as string

I want to run q-sql which is inputted as string to the program. ALL of them run fine in the console. I can use eval ( parse queryString) however the big ones dont parse fine and hence dont run. Is there a way to just run them without using eval/parse...

RE: [personal kdb+] Select a column mapped to a username

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Select a column mapped to a username

I have table with columns for users.ie. t:([]Dave:`$();Nick:`$())I am wondering how to dynamically select the column that matches the current username using .z.uI will have to consider string cases, using something like `$ssr[string .z.u;string .z.u;...