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Manipulating the elements in the table

Hi everyone, I am really new to the KDB, and I stuck at this exercise for a while... can't figure it out how to solve it, all I know is that I might be need to use scan and $ to solve this issue ....The logic is below,1. a-m>0 , b=a-m , e=m2. a-m=0 ,...

How to flexibly use "select"?

Hi, I'm having a problem using "select", hope I could get some suggestions here. ========================================== what I have done so far =============================my code :price_series: select price by utc_datetime,sym from trade where ...

xinyu_gai by New Contributor
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Can I save a function as a file and call it when needed?

Hi, I'm wondering whether I can write a function and save it as a q script file, thus I can call it in other script when needed. For example, in MATLAB I can write a function and save it as a .m file. Then I can call this function in any other script...

xinyu_gai by New Contributor
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How to add username and password of kdb to web socket url?

Hi All,In javascript, I need to pass the url to kdb for establishing the connection.function connect_kdb(){ if ("WebSocket" in window) { ws = new WebSocket("ws://"); ws.binaryType = 'arraybuffer'; ws.onopen=onopen; ws.onclose=onclose; w...

James1 by New Contributor II
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