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Question about windows join

I have an following fill data: 2015.09.28 10:10:42.622 xxxxWith following w: (10:08:12.622;10:13:12.622)And also following trade data:1 2015.09.28 08:17:00.876 sym 5.4232 9015 2 2015.09.28 10:09:09.586 sym 5.35 35 3 2015.09.28 10:09:09.586 sym 5.35 1...

carfield1 by New Contributor
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file IO operations

Hello to all.Can this code be converted from c# into code in kdb?I had read about read1, but I did not see anything about position of stream for writing. static int GetInt32(string path, int index) { FileStream stream = new FileStream(path, FileMode....

skuvvv by New Contributor
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how to handle results from async calls to AquaQ TorQ gateway, on

//Deferred Synchronousgate: `::6007:admin:adming:hopen gate;sync1:{(neg g)(`.gw.asyncexecjpt;("select from trade"); `hdb;raze;();0D00:01:00.000001);g(::)};sync2:{(neg g)(`.gw.asyncexecjpt;("select sum size by sym from trade"); `hdb;raze;();0D00:01:00...

mccormjo by New Contributor
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Re: [personal kdb+] querying from iphone/ipad

To answer your question regarding the errors you’re seeing, the csv parser is expecting either a table or a list of lists.So in the case of a list you need to enlist oncehttp:// namelistand in the case of an atom you’d nee...

TerryLynch by New Contributor II
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