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How to avoid error in "select xxx, yyy from tb where i in

Hi,I am writing something where I need to extract particular rows in a table, using a pre-computed row id, like this."select xxx, yyy from tb where i in (something)"However, I found that when something is empty, the above select statement will produc...

reactgary by New Contributor
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Using "Q server for R" in conjunction with mserve

Hey guys, Has anyone ever used Q server for R to connect to a kdb load balancer from an R process? It seems to me like two things are missing from this interface: a command to send async and a command to receive data on the handle (both required for ...

TerryLynch by New Contributor II
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Question about adding minutes row in hourly summary table

Hi allI have a table which is aggregated by hour, like this timesymxy10:00a2411:00a2312:00a1313:00a1314:00a1315:00a1210:00b2411:00b2312:00b1313:00b1314:00b1315:00b12I need to join this with other table with 5 min timebin, which maybe start at 10:05 /...

carfield1 by New Contributor
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Updating by row position in a grouped table

Hello, I have a table grouped by instrument:instrument TR -----------------AU200_AUD 66.1 AU200_AUD 114.1 AU200_AUD 72.9 AU200_AUD 121.3 AU200_AUD 83.15 AUD_CAD 0.00975 AUD_CAD 0.01005 AUD_CAD 0.00435 AUD_CAD 0.00755 AUD_CAD 0.00748 AUD_CHF 0.026975A...

Francisco by New Contributor
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Access and Mserve

Hello,I have an access point and a load balancer with mserve.q loaded. I have clients connecting to the access point and calling functions that send deferred sync messages to the load balancer which in turn finds least busy slave and returns the data...