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Resolved! How to re-subscription automatically in kdb-tick?

I understand that kdb-tick should be run in order from ticker. However, if ticker is terminated for some reason, rdb does not subscribe to the re-run ticker. Need a way to re-subscribe or a reference for implementation.

k-mambo by New Contributor III
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Why does @ need :: and why does . need () in amend?

https://code.kx.com/q/ref/amend/Based on the above, why does . need () to get the entire list and @ need ()?Surely this would imply:q) 1 2 3 4 5 . () /this is NOT the case1 2 3 4 5 and q) list @ :: /this is NOT the caselistHowever q)list @ enlist[::]...

amend.png amend2.png
Mannix by New Contributor III
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Why are feedhandlers not usually kdb?

We often read that feedhandlers are not kdb, and usually are either java-kdb or C++, why is this the case? why is it not ideal or possible to have a kdb feedhandler?

Mannix by New Contributor III
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