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Understanding \ts output

Hi,I see that many people are using the system command "\ts" wherein I understand the meaning of \t (the first output out of list of two values) but I do not understand the meaning of second output. From references I can see that it means "time and s...

N_V by New Contributor
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what is rank in kdb ?

What is the rank in kdb mean ?http://code.kx.com/wiki/Reference/QuestionSymbolHowever, if the right argument is a general list then items of the left argument are matched with items of the right argument. For example,q)u?(2 3;`ab)3 3In this case Find...

Q for Mortals book

I've read the online version of Jeffry Borror's _Q for Mortals_ and would like to have a printed copy. However, the online version is 2.0 and the book appears to be 1.0. Is there much difference between them? Also, I saw mention from two years ago ab...

i3text by New Contributor
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functional select

It's quite difficult for me to grasp the goofy syntax of functional select.. I wish there were more documents. Supposed I have a table that looks like this, and I want to multiple ra, rb, rc by rr. How do I do it? There are only 3 columns in this exa...

KdbNoob by New Contributor
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