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modulo date

Hello,Given that kdb dates are numeric, I am curious why the following _should_ not work. I expected it to return 16:59:00. That it doesn't work is relatively uninteresting as it could simply be an incomplete implementation. q)40:59:00 mod 24:00:00 k...

Is this behavior expected?

KDB+ 3.3 2015.11.03 Copyright (C) 1993-2015 Kx Systems q)f:{x} q).[f;(),1] 1 q).[f;(),1;{`$x}] 1 q).[`f;(),1] 1 q).[`f;(),1;{`$x}] / imho: this should not throw an error'type Kim

kuentang by New Contributor
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merge hdb

Hi, Is there a way to merge sym files, which are for hdb data. I have two hdb folders, they are same except the date.

Isaac by New Contributor
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How to add more hdb data?

Hi, For now,my kdb instance already has hdb files for 20 days. Then I got more 100 hdb files from others, How can I merge them to my hdb data folder?

Isaac by New Contributor
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