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optimize ungroup columns operation in kdb

I am trying to flatten some columns of a table into a single column. My current approach is to enlist those columns into a single column and then use ungroup on table to flatten it. But this approach is very inefficient, takes more than 2 seconds on ...

Sam1 by New Contributor
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Batch insert versus .u.upd

Hi allI have some java code (via c.java) to add data to ticket plant and then publish to few other downstream, however, the performance is kind of bad, I believe it is because I call that function record by record. However can I call .u.upd with batc...

carfield1 by New Contributor
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sharing data between master and slave threads in kdb

What is the ideal method to sharing read only data between the master and slave threads? From my understanding there are two options:Set shared data as global variable in main so that the slave threads can read them.Pass shared variables to slave thr...

PP by New Contributor
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