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Format of splayed files

Does information about structure of splayed files is public?Eg if I want update splayed table outside kdb, because kdb limited by memory.I can get count of elements in file and calculate header size backwardly, but I am curious to know about structur...

skuvvv by New Contributor
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til function problem

Hello all,I am curious about usage simple functions such as til.1)type til 10returns 7h instead 6hI run at win x642)using `int$ till 10 requires 3x times more memory than simple filling by integer values (4 byte for int instead 8byte for long + 4 byt...

skuvvv by New Contributor
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kdb+ binaries for raspberry-pi

I recently was trying to run kdb+ on raspberrypi. The free linux 32 bit download was in-compatible because of ARM architecture in pi.Do we have any kdb+ binaries available for 32-bit Linux-ARM for educational use?or if someone can share steps to make...

r_m_garg by New Contributor
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Question about windows join

I have an following fill data: 2015.09.28 10:10:42.622 xxxxWith following w: (10:08:12.622;10:13:12.622)And also following trade data:1 2015.09.28 08:17:00.876 sym 5.4232 9015 2 2015.09.28 10:09:09.586 sym 5.35 35 3 2015.09.28 10:09:09.586 sym 5.35 1...

carfield1 by New Contributor
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