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Is This a bin Operator Bug?

q)(enlist 0;0;1 2 3) bin 01q)(0;enlist 0;1 2 3) bin 00With the find (?) operator the right operand is properly applied at the leading rank of the left operand, whereas the bin operator does not seem to be applied at the correct rank. Am I missing som...

.h namespace

Hi there,Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get some documentation on the contents of the .h namespace, such as role and arguments of each function, variable...Thanks,Zak

Named column equi-joins

Hi,given two keyed tables, both with different keys, is it possible to join based on named columns, where column names may differ? Here's a slightly verbose example:q)balances:([Account:`Smith`Jones;Currency:`USD`EUR]Balance:(0.10f;0.20f))q)balancesA...

q.exe not working since download

Dear All,Greetings!I just downloaded the q.exe (32 bit) file from http://kx.com/. But when I am opening it by double clicking it is not opening. Please help.regardsgaurav

Question about structure of HDB segments

Hi allCurrently I have a HDB which is segments by year, something like/2009 /2009.01.01 /trade /2009.01.02 /trade /2009.01.03 /trade …=============/2010 /2010.01.01 /trade …I've a colleagues told me that it would be better to segments data by exchang...

carfield1 by New Contributor
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