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Feedhandler for Reuters Data Feed

I am new to Kx/Kdb+tickTrying to connect to reuters data feed using the 32 bit version of rfa feedhandler (http://code.kx.com/wiki/Startingkdbplus/tick)Q1. Does anyone know if this feedhandler can process Level 2 data from NASDAQ? Q2. Can someone sha...

babaji by New Contributor
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Max abs value but keep the sign

Whats the best way to do thisI have a tablesym val`GE 5`GE 10`GE -20`MSFT 7`MSFT -3I want to get the max abs value by sym but keep the signsym val maxabs`GE 5 -20`GE 10 -20`GE -20 -20 `MSFT 7 7`MSFT -3 7


I'd like to draw charts and indicators and put markers and notes on these. Also, charting two or more syms and marking interesting points.Which contributed visualization tools should I look at?Ta, Jack

effbiae by New Contributor
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kdb vs sql

Hi,I would like to know the differences between sql and kdb, the underlying code, and why kdb is "better" than sql for querying significantly large databases of time series data, eg >1,000,000 rows.I work with kdb, but i know almost nothing about sql...

js610308 by New Contributor
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Semicolon in a string "0;0;0"

q){x where x <> "abc"} each ("abc";"def";"abc";"ghi")"""def""""ghi"q)Could you filter the following list in a similar way?q){x where x <> "0;0;0"} ("0;0;0";"0;0;1";"0;0;0"){x where x <> "0;0;0"}'lengthq))i.e. how to retain "0;0;1"? why the 'length ex...