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wj aggregate question

It seems f0 and f1 dont have to be aggregate functions. For instance in the example you are using :: . You can also use the join operator , . The quewtion is, is the doc incomplete because my understanding is aggregate function gives an atom by takin...

What Are the Definitive Rules for the Find (?) Operator?

I understand that the find (?) operator is rank-sensitive, although I do not see any definition of list rank in the Borror book. I believe it is the level of rectangularity of a list. This would make sense as it is analogous to array rank in APL. Unf...

Bug? rand with find

Rand with find(?) sometimes returns strange number.Is this a bug?-----------------------------KDB+ 3.3 2015.07.09 Copyright (C) 1993-2015 Kx Systemsl32/ 4()coreq)10?rand 102 1 2 1 2 3 2 5 4 7...q)10?rand 106299546977983373652 2157301088332608031 -720...

AND and OR in conditionals?

Tried to find if AND and OR are supported in conditionals in Q.I just tried to type in: andand get response: &also tried: orand got response: |However when I enter: 1 | 2i get response: 2So it seems to return the maximum of the two numbersAlso & seem...

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