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SuperNoob Need Help Troubleshooting Free Download

After following the double click windows install instructions here http://code.kx.com/wiki/Tutorials/Installation the cmd prompt screen simply flashes for a split second then goes away.any thoughts on how to fix?

admonsali by New Contributor
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How to make in process callback on w32?

I've extended kdb w32 with a windows dll written in c++ and compiled with mingw. Ive had trouble figuring out how to register a callback in the main q thread via sd1(). In Linux, I'd use eventfds... I see the kx documentation suggests using selectabl...

Emil by New Contributor
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Behaviour of Insert and Upsert in KDB

I have following table: q) t:([s:`symbol$()] id:();id2:`int$())where 's' is a primary key and 'id' col has general type.I am trying to understand following behavior when inserting a list (string in this ex.) in 'id' column:a) Upsert works but Insert ...

transforming code from K3 to K4 language

Has someone tried to migrate their code base from k3 to k4 language?I was trying to find a concise list of all the differences (syntactical, grammar, functional ) between these two versions of the language, but I haven't been able to find one.I've be...

Partitioned Attribute

Hello,I have a partitioned table. When I check the meta for it on the table I see the `p attribute but when I pull the table from a partition I dont see it. q)meta tq) c t f adate d sym s ptime t q) meta (select from t where date=2015.08.06)q)©¬ c t ...