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multiple questions

Hi, I am self revising kdb/q and hence asking questions which might help someone down the line. I hope thats ok.


Why does u $ v lead to a length error ? Please note u is without a back tick

q questions on type

Want to clear my understanding on how types work: (1; 2; 3)=(1; 2; 3) returns 111b although I know that = only works on atoms but how can 111b be a boolean. Isnt boolean just true or false What does the message `symbol $() mean ? Its not documented a...

Multiple Each combined to one

Hello,I have this queryselect cond, tc1:{`$(ssr[x;" ";""])(0)} each cond, tc2:{`$(ssr[x;" ";""])(1)} each cond, tc3:{`$(ssr[x;" ";""])(2)} each cond from tradebut its proving to be fairly slow. Wondering if anybody has any ideas on how to speed it up...


I have a dict that I want to un-dict - and do a little more with. q)d:"SAB"!(enlist "A";("aAd";"B");("bBc";""))This is what I'm doing at the moment:q){raze (,'').(key x; x)}d"SA""AaAd""AB""BbBc","B"ork){,/(,'').(!x;. x)}d("SA";"AaAd";"AB";"BbBc";,"B"...

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