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Limit Error passing a large table

Hello,I am trying to pass a large table between q sessions and I am getting a limit error. I know I need to chunk it into pieces but I can't get the syntax correct.I have a connection handle h, and I'm trying to retrieve a `trade table from there and...

Questions on Rank of a List/Atom

Can someone point me to a formal definition of how rank is defined on a list. I believe I understand how it's defined, I just want to make sure I'm clear one it.Now is the rank of an atom by definition 0 or undefined? Since an atom has no structure I...

Relying on uniqueness of kdb+/tick timestamp

I am recording snapshots of variable market depth in a table usingkdb+/tick. I send each snapshot to tick.q using a separate .u.upd call,e.g., a snapshot of 5 bids and 5 offers might be followed by a snapshotof 8 bids and 6 offers.Can I rely on the t...