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Q for Mortals book

I've read the online version of Jeffry Borror's _Q for Mortals_ and would like to have a printed copy. However, the online version is 2.0 and the book appears to be 1.0. Is there much difference between them? Also, I saw mention from two years ago ab...

i3text by New Contributor
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functional select

It's quite difficult for me to grasp the goofy syntax of functional select.. I wish there were more documents. Supposed I have a table that looks like this, and I want to multiple ra, rb, rc by rr. How do I do it? There are only 3 columns in this exa...

KdbNoob by New Contributor
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TorQ Gateway can be standalone?

Hi, Can the gateway process in the TorQ framework be used on it's own without the other (eg ticker plant) functionality. I guess at a minimum it also needs the discovery service fired up.Thanks,John

mccormjo by New Contributor
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Problem in datetime parsing while loading data into table from csv

Hi,I am trying to load the data from csv file to a table. One of the column in the file is having datetime column with below sample values. number duration u_resolved u_resolved_by counts dummy2 dummy3 C0010837 86400 11/29/2012 9:14 abc 249494 0.001 ...

N_V by New Contributor
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