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Filtering in k?

For instance, if a have a string: p:"abc def" I want to remove all the spaces. In k2, I've done this: pm:{~x=" "}'p p:(pm[>pm]?0)#p@>pm In k3, is there a better way? Or is there a better way in k2 that I missed? -- Sent from my Android device with K-...

refi64 by New Contributor
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Using K?

I have a few questions about using K (not q) in kdb+.Firstly, I know that you can use a slash to go to K mode in the interactive interpreter:ryan@DevPC-LX:~$ qKDB+ 3.2 2015.03.04 Copyright (C) 1993-2015 Kx Systemsl32/ 4()core 5862MB ryan devpc-lx 127...

refi64 by New Contributor
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Views and performance

Hi,I wonder if I have a "view A", that select from a "table B".If the computation of A is quite computational intensive. When I update a small portion of B, will the entire "view A" be recomputed, or only the part that have changed will be recomputed...

reactgary by New Contributor
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.Q.dpft is adding another date

I have an hdb patitioned by date and I am trying to overwrite a table on disk. .Q.dpft seems to work in my test environment but in production its adding a duplicate partition. Anyone know why this may be happening?I am just using it like.Q.dpft[]`:c:...