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Re: bin Operator Questions

OK after careful consideration these make sense to me and I guess there's a rule that 4 < 4 5 6 and 4 5 < 4 5 6.I would still like to know the rules regarding general lists containing items of mixed rank:q)((0 0;0 0);(0 0;0 5)) bin ((0 0;0 5); 2 1) 1...

Understanding KDBs memory and disk utilization

I would like to confirm how KDB uses disk and memory resources.Specifically I am after what happens when updating a single value in a KDB table (assuming the table is not already loaded into memory).Does the whole splay table partition have to be loa...

Fixed length binary table column

Hi,I have a table in which I need to store unique 32 byte cryptographic signatures for each row. I receive the column inputs via JSON as a 64 byte hex string. What's the best column definition for that data and how would I convert the string to that ...

New Data types `sym

Hi, The link below does not mention details on new datatypes :`sym is type number as 20h .. does not mean since kdb 3.0 now there can be 1 less enumeration present ?http://code.kx.com/wiki/Reference/Datatypes

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How many enumerations are present in a session ?

Hi,I would like to know how many enumerations can be present in a kdb session ? Per the link below 20 - 76 can be enumeration types i.e. 57 enumerations . What happens when you have more than 57 enumerations in your session ? Any specific error is th...

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