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AND and OR in conditionals?

Tried to find if AND and OR are supported in conditionals in Q.I just tried to type in: andand get response: &also tried: orand got response: |However when I enter: 1 | 2i get response: 2So it seems to return the maximum of the two numbersAlso & seem...

xapwing by New Contributor
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temporal data types

Hi, can someone illustrate with small examples difference between dat atypes 12 15 16 and 19

User by Not applicable
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pivot table

I dont get how k:k generates a dictionary on the page here http://code.kx.com/wiki/Pivot

User by Not applicable
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Find (?) Anomalies -- Features or Bugs?

I read page 406 in the Borror book and it would seem that there is behavior with the find (?) operator that is not addressed there: Notice the different result depending on whether the first item of the left operand is atomic or not: q)(1 2;3;3 4;4)?...